Routledge has published “A Practical Guide to the Insurance Act 2015,” co-authored by David Kendall and Harry Wright of 7KBW. The book serves as a thorough introduction to the act, which is the first comprehensive statutory reform of the insurance law of the United Kingdom since the Marine Insurance Act 1906.

The book focuses primarily on the impact of the act on English law as applied to non-consumer insurance and reinsurance. Of assistance not only to insurance lawyers and members of the judiciary, but also underwriters, claims handlers, brokers and buyers of non-consumer insurance policies, this book covers each of the core changes brought about by the act. It also analyses the particular ways in which the act differs from existing law, by reference to the Marine Insurance Act 1906, and cases decided under the old law.

The “practical titles” series aims to provide professionals and legal practitioners with a range of manuals for day-to-day use on key aspects of the insurance industry including insurance, reinsurance and insurance fraud.

The book is available from Routledge* or on Amazon (*for a limited time a 20% discount is available via the Routledge website by entering the code FLR40 at checkout*).


Posted by Cooley