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Supermarket swept up into liability of rogue employee

The received wisdom was always that the greatest exposures created by a cyber security incident or data breach were the costs of remediation, business disruption and any regulatory fine.  Whilst litigation risk existed, it was generally felt that such losses would only be suffered in the context of a security event introduced into the supply chain.  Accordingly, cyber coverage for many was a rather limited affair – dealing with the costs of remedying a breach, any impact on trading activity and, to the extent permissible, penalties and fines.

This may all be about to change, following the recent decision of the English High Court in Various Claimants –v- Wm Morrisons Supermarket PLC [2017] EWHC 3113 (QB) and as a result of the much-heralded implementation of the General Data Protection Regulation in May this year.

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